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Australian delivered with excellent service history, log books and a recent State Roads detailed mechanical Inspection just completed for complete buyer peace of mind and confidence, this classic 911 needs nothing spent. She’s ready for a new home…
- New Michelin Pilot sport Cup Tyres just fitted
- Alloy wheels are unmarked and perfect
- Icey cold a/c,
- Immaculate original body and untouched paint is stunning.
- Interior and leather is in beautiful condition
This is a magnificent example of a classic 911 that is now very affordable and will only appreciate in value.
A great classic car with the convenience of being a modern classic that is very much a usable machine - even as a daily driver.

Go to Edward Lees online to see a detailed video of this car and more than 140 detailed photos - keep scrolling and you will see the detailed State Roads Vehicle Inspection report done on the car just recently… (to see all these images you need to go direct to the Edward Lees website rather than view this ad through Autotrader or carsguide or Facebook)

We deliver Australia wide - call us for an interstate transport quote (it costsless than most people realise)

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Established 1971

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  • BLUE
  • 2D COUPE
  • 126,840 kms
Video Available
Dual Range 4WD Hijet in Volcanic Orange - this one is in mint condition with a 2inch lift kit and off-road wheels and tyres. She's travelled just 36,000 kms with provenance and Japanese history docuemnts to verify genuine low kms.

Other upgrades in clude the rear rollover bar, bedliner and Aero aftermerket Front Bar.
These Hijets have incredible off-road capability in the Dual Range configuration that includes a factory push button dofflock and a serious crawler mode low range set of cogs.

Go to Edward Lees online to see a detailed video of this Hijet

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We deliver Asutralia wide - call us for an interstatet transport quote - it costs less than you think
Established 1971

Tray dimensions :
- 206 long
- 143 wide
- 30 deep

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  • manual
  • ute
  • 36,948 kms
Video Available
Best in Australia if you are looking for a super clean original Limited Edition Model - This is a Genuine GT Aero Spec R with genuine 113,000 kms with Japanese Dergistration Document and service history verifying genuine low kms.

Immaculate inside and out. Rust free, accidnt free, non smokers car. Hard to find in this condition. Highly desirable and collectable with this spec level and condition.
- Original Silvia Log Book and spare key from new
- Multiple Japanese Service Stickers throughout the car
- Timing belt service recently done at 111,000 kms
- Original Silvia Floor Mats
- Turbo Timer
- Tien adjustable coilovers
- Original Nissan Factory plastic body kit , skirts, GT Aero front bar and GT Aero Rear Pods - not fibreglass reproductions...
- Original plastic from new still in place on the SIlvia Logo door jam skid plates

Stock car apart from rims and Tien adjustable coilovers
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02 97440539
  • manual
  • coupe
  • 113,175 kms
Video Available
Grade 4.5 B
50,000 kms
Collectors car
45 photos available on tghe Edward Lees Website plus a five minute walk around video of this special RX7

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We deliver Australia wide
Established 1971

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02 97440539
  • Manual
  • 50,569 kms
Video Available
Immaculate original and Genuine JDM Spec R GT Aero Edition (factory 184 kw - the Best S15 ever made by Nissan) .
This is a factory original stock standard unmodified GT Aero Edition.
Super rare and collectable.
This is a GRADE 4 vehicle from USS Tokyo auction travelled just 93,822 kms
This one has the special factory original GT Aero front bar with splitter and GT Aero side skirts (not a fibreglass reporoduction bar and skirts) and comes with factory option rear ducktail. (original taillights and airbox comes with the car too).

Why is she so special?
She's a non smokers car, non accident car and rust free (and she comes with the deregistration document from the Japanese Road Ministry to verify genuine low kms)
It's impeccable to drive and it's the the one collectors want in their JDM collection.
New tyres
New brake disk rotors
Icey cold a/c.
Turbo timer
Original Silvia Nissan factory floor-mats
Mint condition original interior, seats and door-cards.
The JDM Spec R comes from factory with th emore powerful SR20 motor, leather steering wheel, 6 speed manual gearbox and LSD....
Full Japanese provenence including matching historical Japanese service stickers on the car.
We've taken the time to post a detailed HD Youtube video walk around tour of this S15 on our site @ Edward Lees Imports - The video can be blown up on a big screen in HD and really shows the car in detail
Call Edward Lees Imports for an interstate deliver quote - we ship Australia wide (the transport cost to most parts of Australia is way less than what most people lrealise) ...
Established 1971 COMPLIED

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02 97440539
  • manual
  • Coupe
  • 93,863 kms
Video Available
Best in Australia totally original and pristine.
This example has only travelled 52.000 kms since new and has been garaged since new.
Auction Grade 4 with deregistration document to verify genuine low kms.
Original paint, original everything.
Non smokers car, non accident car in mint condition.
This is the most desirable collectors edition GTO - because it the Final Edition Series III - with the serious rear wing, updated front end and headlights in iconic DC Red.
We love the GTOs and have been importing these amazing cars from Japan for the last 20 years. We think this is a seriously underrated car is represents exceptional value for an astute collector or someone that appreciates what a special car these GTOs are.
Why do we love it?
- Well for starters - it just beautiful to look at! it’s got curves and beautiful lines - it’s aggressive and rounded and stands out.
- it’s a bloody quick and responsive car - even by modern standards
- it’s Japanese and reliable and inexpensive to work on compared to overpriced euro toys
- It handles incredible well - especially in the wet! The 4WD setup really gives you confidence to drive rapidly in all conditions
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02 97440539
  • Red
  • Manual
  • Coupe
  • 57,576 kms
Video Available
Mint Mint Mint auction grade 4 STi SG9 update shape 2.5 turbo 4WD Beast!
The Japanese owner has really babied and treasured this car
This is the hardest to get and most desirable colour -
Genuine low kms, non accident car, cigarette smoke free and stunning condition.
We think this car must have always been garaged.
Up to date service stickers.
The Japanese owner has had factory option rubber Forester Floor mats on top of the factory Carpet Forester floormats, so the original floormats and carpet are like new...
The Brembo brake calipers are also original and like new retaining the Gold paint lustre.... (this is rare to see)
This one has been "lightly breathed on" with a few tasteful but understated JDM mods
Call Edward Lees Imports
We deliver Australia wide

Compliance Confirmed

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  • Blue
  • 111,325 kms
Video Available
Daihatsu Midget II - fun and practical collectors car - We have hand picked this one because she's in excellent condition - we just added the JDM rims to complete the look.
660 cc engine works well when the car is so small and light - she's like a responsive go cart and is so eyecatching.
Ideal for deliveries around town and is so easy to park in the smallest car space. Incredible fuel efficiency and everyone smiles, waves and gives you a thumbs up when you cruise is this Midget II.
This one is the sungle seater manual version.
Go to Edward Lees onlineto see a detailed video of this car.
Call us for an interstate transport quote - it costs less than you think to send this little gem anywhere in Australia
Edward Lees Est 1971

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • manual
  • ute
  • 95,844 kms
Video Available
The Ultimate Collectors Rover Mini - this is the final iteration and the penultimate offering from Rover UK to celebrate end of Rover Mini production. This particular model is the rarest of the rare and the most collectable. Our research (not official) suggests that less than 700 of this model were produced by Rover UK .
Super rare - she's called the Rover Mini WIdebody "Cooper Sports Edition" - this is the unicorn British delivered mulitpoint injected version, last year of manufacture with all the best parts.

The Mini Classic Cooper Sport was produced due to the immense popularity of the Sports Pack - an option on 1997-2000 Minis - Rover decided to release a standalone model with all the best options fitted as standard. Thus the Cooper Sport was born, and became the flagship of the Mini range. As with the previous two 'Classic' models, this version was fundamentally the same as the earlier Sports Pack models.
However, it was the Sport model which received the greatest number of upgrades over the previous cars.
This factory optioned limited edition model has the following special bits:
- Radiator is at the front from factory (a massive upgrade well overdue for the Mini - JDM ones are off to the side as are the classic 1960s versions)
- Multi-point injection (JDM ones are single point Bosch fuel injection)
- Factory widebody fender flares
- 13 inch Minilte Style factory alloy wheels
- The traditional Old English White roof and bonnet stripes which had graced 1999 cars were removed in favour of the more modern Platinum Silver.
- The most noticeable change on the inside was the replacement of the walnut dashboard with an alloy version, previously an optional extra on 1997-2000 models.
- The alloy interior pack (including window winders, door pulls and door handles) was now fitted as standard.
- Finally, as with the Mini Classic Cooper, the 'Cooper' logo centre caps were replaced with green 'Mini' ones, as were the logos on the steering wheels.
- Nickel Silver leather seats with black facings
- Rear chrome rimmed pop out windows

Please note the odometer reading is 64,689 miles (not kms) as this was a British delivered car brand new.
This example is in excellent condition and is rust free and in excellent condition inside and out.
Icy cold air conditioning. Britisg Racing Green
This is a fun way to own a guaranteed appreciating investment. The return on investment can be measured in dollars and smiles per hour

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • manual
  • coupe
  • 64,689 kms
Video Available
1JZ VVTi Turbo last of the Turbo Soarers ever produced. This is a crazy rare factory manual version.
Then add the rarity of this combination that came with a factory option sunroof.
She has travelled just 97,000 kms with Japanese provenance to verify genuine low kms. (Japanese Road Ministry Deregistration Certificate. We are told that only 120 manual turbos were produced in 1997 - even less with a factory option sunroof!)
Such small production numbers of this final facelift model in manual with sunroof equates to a very rare and highly collectable Soarer.
This is a very special collectors car also because it is unmodified and in superb condition.
Non accident car.
Non rusty car.
Timing belt done at 85,000 kms
Original clean interior and its a factory manual from new!
Totally original apart from a few tasteful genre appropriate JDM turbo car upgrades:
- A set of titanium pipes (these sound incredible high rpms
- Upgrade intake
- Coilovers
- Upgrade rims and tyres
- Original factory unit is working and comes with the car.
Last edition with all the best parts and the famous 1JZ Turbo engine with VVTi head.
This is a fresh import - you will be the first Aussie owner.
Factory option Sunroof along with the factory manual gearbox and VVTi 1JZ is the ultimate combination for the ultimate collectors Soarer - own her, enjoy her and watch her continue to go up in value (this is the best way to own a fun car!)
How does she drive? She sings! The sound is amazing and she’s fast and pulls hard from lows revs. The ride is comfortable and she soaks up any bumps beautifully. This is one of the best GT cars on the planet and is perfect for a long drive or a few sweeping twisties…!

Go to EdwardLees online to see a detailed video of this car
Call SunRIse Cars / Edward Lees 02 97440539

We deliver Australia Established 1971

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • White
  • 2D COUPE
  • 98,750 kms
Video Available
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