Toyota Voxy or Noah Hybrid

We say This car is way better than a Tarago or Estima and makes a Honda Odyssey look bad! Why is it so much better than these other people movers?

  1. More room - It's got more room inside for 7 or 8 adult sized passengers.

    The boxy shape means Aussie sized adults are comfortable in the back seats as well as the front seats!

    Try sitting in the back of a Honda Odyssey - it's an uncomfortable joke!

    Tarago’s and Estimas are not designed for normal Aussie sized adults in the back - it's simply squishy and uncomfortable - especially if you are even slightly tall!

  2. More luggage space in the back - the luggage space in a Tarago or Estima is so small because of the slanting windows (it looks kind of aerodynamic but the massive glass windows lying on an angle heat up the car - and it's even hard to fit a kid’s pram in the back with such a small space. The Voxy has a boxy roof line that allows more luggage and it has an underfloor deep luggage well big enough for a set of golf clubs or a few travel bags...

  3. Way better fuel economy - The 80 Series Hybrid Voxy is reported to achieve 23.8 kms range on just one litre of fuel - that's 4.2 litres per 100 kms!!!!! Now that is insanely fuel-efficient motoring for a comfy 7 or 8-seater luxury people mover!!!!! This will save you thousands every year in fuel bills.

  4. Hybrid technology - takes advantage of a battery and electric drive to supplement the petrol 1.8 litre engine. It's a proven technology that is currently the first choice of Aussie taxi drivers and Uber driver (with the Hybrid Toyota Camry - proven as fuel efficient and super reliable).

  5. Battery regen - the hybrid drive regenerates the battery under braking.

  6. Luxury Features - The Voxy Noah has electric side doors, reverse camera (side camera too on some models) and loads more optional features found on the best cars from any manufacturer.