Nissan Elgrand E51

“Best people mover on the planet” says Phil Lee from Sun Rise Cars

These luxurious machines are amazing – and perfect for Aussie families…

When Nissan unleased the E50 Elgrand it became the No.1 selling people mover in Japan… Then when they released the all-new E51 in Japan it became a smash hit…. and because so many sold new in Japan – they have depreciated relatively quickly in the used car market – the perfect scenario for Australian importers…. as we can retail these amazing machines at relative bargain prices compared to other local offerings… “Tarago? I hear you ask…” those are for the poor Aussies that haven’t heard of an Elgrand!!!”

The result is that the E51 Elgrand is the No1 selling used people mover in Australia at present with local “New Car powerbrokers” lobbying the Department of transport for restrictions to be imposed on our tiny import market.

What is so good about these Elgrands? Well, it’s a Nissan for starters – and the build quality and attention to detail is second to none including Toyota. Nissan has really lavished alot of features and luxury appointments into the Elgrand product – way beyond the equivalantly priced Toyota products in Japan. And then there is the long long list of amazing equipment you get…

For Example: a typical budget priced Elgrand comes with:

  • Electric side door
  • reverse camera
  • swivel middle row seats
  • split folding / fold away rear seats (Missing on all Taragos)
  • dual zone front to back climate control
  • multi-media monitors
  • gutsey V6 with real perfromance
  • Proper locking centre diff 4WD option. (And these are not high spec cars!)

And then there is the space…(Elgrand is an appropriate name for a car with such voluminous interior space)…

An Elgrand will fit into the same parking space as a Tarago – ie it’s the same length (ladies with LCF “Large Car Fobia” take note!) … However, the cleaver boxy shape and extra width means that 8 real sized humans can travel in supreme comfort – along with their luggage in a Nissan Elgrand – no-one is cramped. No-one is compromised and the kids won’t fight over who has to clamber and squish into the poorly designed rear squash zone!

The design is clever and functional – centre row seats slide forward easily to allow even big fat buggers like me to access the rear row of seats with no requirement for agility or strength.

All the rear seats (both middle and rear rows) slide back and forth so the perfect setup can be achieved to either allow the perfect amount of leg room or to allow more rear luggage to be stowed.

I will never forget the first time I drove the new E51 – I was expecting something special – and it delivered in spades – they drive beautifully – like an expensive luxury limousine! The ride is soft, smooth and compliant. The controls are all finger touch light ad easy. It’s quiet, but with a menacing V6 growl when pushed hard. It accelerates like an expensive car should – hard! I can overtake a slow annoying person on the freeway with this! I can tow my boat up Mt Ousley without slowing to a 60 km/h crawl…! I can go snow skiing without fitting chains and I can take the kids camping off-road with out getting bogged or sliding off the road.

I can also impress the rotten neighbors in their sorry Kia Carnivals, Chrysler Voyagers and povo-pack i-Loads!!!! Why? Because the Elgrand is a style statement. It just looks cool! My wife has sold at least 20 Elgrands just from gawpers coming up to her in the street and asking “Is this the newest and latest from Infiniti?”…

The statement continues with the interior styling of the Elgrand Spaceship! They are beautifully done – check out the high spec versions now for not much more money!!!! The leather interiors look a million bucks and it’s all very high quality stuff – that is proper hard wearing leather hides that won’t look disgusting after 100,000 kms of wear and tear.

What goodies do I get with a luxury Elgrand?

Check out this list of options:

  • Electric curtains
  • Electric moon roofs
  • Seat warmers
  • Dual multi-media monitors front and back
  • Premium sound (BOSE) with more speakers than a the League of Nations
  • Cruise control
  • Rear swivel armchairs in leather
  • mood lighting
  • ’360 degree surround paring cameras ($4000 option from new)
  • dual rear electric doors
  • and the list goes on….
Call Sun Rise Cars on 02 97440539 Check out all the video reviews of recent Elgrand we have imported here: Nissan Elgrand Video Reviews