We are excited at Sun Rise Cars to be officially approved by the Department of Transport to comply the 999R, 999S, 749R and 749S range of Ducati models to meet Australian standards and fit Aussie compliance plates…

We comply bikes for private individuals – so if you want to save thousands – import your own Ducati from Europe or the USA or UK for Sun Rise Cars to comply it.

NOTE: We can help you bring in other models and brands of motorbikes too (Call Phil Lee 0416285333)

We chose the 999 and 749 range as these are the last of the really high end Ducatis built to a standard rather than to a price. This range includes the 999R, 999S, 749R and 749S models

Tall riders – take note:

Short rider – take note:

These Ducati models are the only high end road/race bikes to have an adjustable steering head and fully height adjustable foot pegs… This means the bike can be made to properly fit each individual rider and an optimal riding position can be set up. Other high end performance bikes including the newer 1098 range – and for most other mass produced sports bikes – it’s “one size fits all”…

The Ducati 999S is an awesome all round performer with the magnificent thumping vee-twin sound that can only be found on a Ducati. They come in both monoposto and biposto setups (for one or one plus pillion passenger).

The Ducati 749 is a brilliant light weight and chuckable version of the same bike at an entry level price-point – (it’s close to identical to the 999S – same engine design – the difference is the smaller engine capacity) also brilliant street or track bikes.

The Ducati 999R is the closest you will find to a street legal race/track bike. These bikes were $60,000 when new and are the Ferrari of the motorbike world. –

If you are interested in importing a Ducati, have a look at the savings achievable by importing direct from Italy.

If you are unsure about importing yourself – give us a call at Sun Rise Cars – we will import a bike for you at a pre-agreed price with a money back guarantee based on a small deposit. Before we ship the bike for you we will have it carefully inspected by our staff and send you a heap of photos and a video of the bike before we ship it. Call us on any bike in Italy, the UK or in Florida USA where we have trusted staff to inspect bikes.

Check out these videos of other Ducati's we have recently imported:

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Or call Phil Lee direct on 0416285333 to discuss importing and complying your Ducati.

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