Toyota Tarago

Toyota Estima Vs Tarago

Yes we are biased! – But for good reason…!

Tarago buyers – just don’t do!!! Read on to find out why:

What the hell is an Estima? Why does it look a lot like a Tarago?

How come they have so many more sex and useful features than a Tarago?

And why are they cheaper with less milage than Australian delivered Taragos?

These are the main questions that Australian consumers are asking about this new product to be offered by Sun Rise Cars and other importers…

The answers are as follows: -Toyota Australia offers Australian consumers overpriced new “Poverty Pack” Taragos at over-inflated prices… $70,000 for a Tarago with leather? Or you can get a basic Korean people mover for $40- $50,000 (with shocking re-sale value built in for free).

Japanese Domestic Taragos (called Estimas) often come with the following features rarely seen (or not seen at all) on Aussie Taragos of a similar vintage:

  • Park assist cameras (often front and back)
  • Rear electric / remote slide doors – (brilliant)
  • Cruise control
  • Luxury velour or leather seats on standard models (other cool trim options too)
  • 4WD option
  • Factory option body kits (now these buses are looking more sexy)
  • Parking Sonar
  • Factory movie screens
  • Pushbutton Tiptronic gearbox
  • Curtains
  • Rear Captains Chair Ottomans (to rest your feet on)
  • Centre row 180 degree swivel chairs

Then there is the amazing ability for us to go shopping in Japan – the greatest car shopping mall in the world.

In general Japanese people love their cars (more than Aussies!) and we find cars in amazing condition that are 10 or more years old..

The average Tokyo motorist travels approximately 5,000 kms per year verses the average Sydney driver who travels 15-20,000 kms per year…. This means we are shopping in a great place with plenty of low milage good cars to choose from and the prices are low enough for us to pay the hefty sums required to import and comply a car in Australia…

Common questions are:

Can I get parts? Yes of course this is a global brand. Ring a bigger Toyota Dealer in Sydney and they have dedicated staff dealing just with import car parts.

Can I get insurance and is it dearer? Many big insurers will gladly insure you at similar prices to any other people movers (See our insurance page on our website)

Check out these videos and give us a call at Sun Rise Cars (02 97440539) for your next Toyota Estima

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