Daihatsu Hijet

Daihatsu Hijet is the small heavyweight all-round featherweight champion truck!

These Hijets have been continuously in production in Japan since the 1970s - they are a brilliant solution if you want a small easy to drive and manoeuvre vehicle for just about anything.

  • The basic Hijet ute is indestructible and tough.

    The 660-cc engine is a workhorse - built to work hard at high rpms - it will propel Hijet along the highway at 110 - 120 kph all day up hill and down dale.

    These little trucks are comfortable with air conditioning, power steering, power windows and the cab is surprisingly roomy for such a small vehicle.

  • 4WD Hijet - the 4WD variant is a proper dual range 4wd with a locking centre diff and dual range 4WD (High and low range 4WD) - this means these lightweight little trucks are super agile off-road, in mud, snow or slippery conditions. A 4WD Hijet is the Kiwi farmer's first vehicle of choice with huge numbers being used in rural NZ!

    We see farmers in Australia use specialist vehicles like the Polaris and other similar off-road buggies such as Quad bikes and ATVs - but none of these are proper cars and they cannot be road registered - ever. The Hijet can be registered for road use anywhere in Australia.

  • Variants there are many variants including tippers and Freezer trucks.

  • Hijet Tipper - these are brilliant design that utilise and electric tipper mechanism rather an PTO - it has fewer moving parts, no maintenance requirements and operates at the touch of a button in the cab. these are available in auto or 5 speed manuals. 2WD or 4WD. Perfect for rubbish removal, building sites or tradespeople.

  • Hijet Freezer Truck - these usually come with a Denso high quality insulated design that can be set to the desired temperature in the back. Perfect for food delivers or moving perishable food items quickly, efficiently and easily in urban environments.