Toyota Celica Convertible

Production 1994-1999
Assembly Tahara Aichi, Japan
Body style(s) 3-door liftback
2-door notchback(coupé)
2-door convertible
Layout Front engine FWD / 4WD
Platform T200
Engine(s) 1.8 L 7A-FE I4, 2.0 L 3S-FE & 3S-GE I4, 2.0 L 5S-FE I4
Transmission(s) 4-speed automatic
5-speed manual
Wheelbase 99.9 in (2537 mm)
Length Coupe & Convertible: 177.0 in (4496 mm)
Liftback: 174.2 in (4425 mm)
Width 68.9 in (1750 mm)
Height Coupe: 51.0 in (1295 mm)
Liftback: 50.8 in (1290 mm)
Convertible: 51.6 in (1311 mm)
Fuel capacity 15.9 US gal.

Toyota Celica GT Convertible ST204

For 1994, Toyota completely revamped the Celica line. It was only available in ST and GT trims in the USA for the 1994 model year, but the addition of the optional “Sports Package” to the GT produced GT-S-like handling. The ST had a new 1.8 liter 7A-FE engine, while the GT was powered by the carried-over 2.2 liter 5S-FE, which could also be found in the Corolla and Camry respectively. The ST Celica has 1.8L 105 hp I4 110 Torque, and the GT Celica has a 2.2L 130 hp I4 144 @ 4000 RPM Torque.

Initially the Japanese domestic market (JDM) models were SS-I and SS-II. The ST205 GT-Four was launched in February 1994, and the Convertible in the Autumn of the same year.

1995 saw the introduction of the third generation convertible. Built off of the GT coupe, the conversion took place in the ASC facility in Rancho Dominguez, California. The vehicle arrived in the US as a partially assembled vehicle. At ASC, the roof was removed and a three-layer insulated and power-operated top was installed, producing a vehicle that was virtually water and windproof.

Summary of 6th Generation Models
Model CodeBody StyleEngineTrim LevelMarket
AT200 Coupe, Liftback 7A-FE ST, ST Limited, SR North America, Europe
ST202 Liftback, Convertible 3S-FE, 3S-GE SS-I (3S-FE), SS-II, SS-III, GT (3S-GE) Japan, Europe (Liftback & Convertible), Hong Kong & Singapore (GT Liftback only)
ST203 Liftback 3S-FE SS-I 4WS Japan
ST204 Coupe, Liftback, Convertible 5S-FE SX, ZR, GT North America (all body styles), Australia & New Zealand (Liftback only)
ST205 Liftback 3S-GTE GT-Four Japan, Europe, Australia, New Zealand

In August 1995, minor changes were given to all JDM models, and the SS-III was added into the line up. All front drive models received new front bumper and tail lights. The SS-III has standard Super Strut Suspension and side aerodynamic rocker panels. The GT-Four also got rocker panels, restyled rear spoiler, and new alloys.

The 1996 Celica received optional side skirts to improve its aerodynamic efficiency, as well as a redesigned rear spoiler. Also available were optional driving lights in the redesigned grille area (standard on GT models). To celebrate 25 years of Celica, the SS-I and SS-III Special Edition were released in Japan, and the 25th Anniversary ST Limited and GT Convertible marked this occasion in the USA. These Special Edition Celicas have special emblem on the front fenders, and the inside by sunroof, the name Celica is printed on the front seats as well.

For 1997, the only change in the North American Celica was the discontinuation of the GT coupe. Another minor change was given to JDM Celica in December 1997. Projector headlights are optional for all models. The 3S-GE engine on SS-II and SS-III received VVT-i, the SS-III was given a BEAMS Tuned 3S-GE engine. WRC style high rear spoiler returned on the GT-Four and also standard on the SS-III.

In 1998, the underpowered ST model was discontinued, leaving only GT models. In addition, the GT coupe returned after a year’s absence. The Celica lineup was simplified even further for 2000 by eliminating all coupes, leaving only the GT Liftback and GT Convertible. In UK, Toyota released the SR based on the 1.8 ST. The SR has full body kit, mesh grille, 16 inch alloys, and upgraded sound system. The GT-Four was still offered in Japan. Also in 2000, Toyota released pictures of their XYR concept car, which would soon become the next Celica.