Nissan Cube Welcab

Nissan Cube Welcab Wheelchair Access vehicle by Autech is For Sale @ Sun Rise Cars

Wheelchair Access is at last easy, accessible and affordable for the average Australian.

Nissan Japan has created a factory ramp access small vehicle that is both roomy and practical without breaking the bank. In partnership with the specialist division AUTECH, (a bit like HSV to Holden), Nissan has developed an easy to use and durable ramp wheel-chair access system built into the rear sub-frame of their popular and spacious Cube platform.

The brilliance of the Nissan Cube “Sloper” as they are called in Japan is that the whole rear suspension of the car lowers itself to the ground to create a low gradient ramp that is easy to push a wheel chair into. The rear ramp folds out extremely easily and can be operated with one hand. The ramp is strong and light-weight (made of aluminium) and hardly takes up any space in the rear of the car. In fact, when there is no wheel-chair occupant, the car becomes a spacious five-seater with room for luggage behind the rear seats. When there is a wheel-chair occupant, the car can carry 3 people comfortably including the wheel-chair occupant.

Check out these video examples below:

The beauty of the Cube as a wheel-chair access vehicle is that for a small car, the boxy shape creates a huge interior space with excellent head-room – ideal for carrying a wheel-chair passenger in the back. Many clients also use the rear ramp gain entry for mobility scooters. The 1.4 liter engine is extremely fuel efficient, yet powerful enough for Australian highway driving conditions. The Cube will sit on 110 km/h up hill and down down all day long with a tiny fuel bill. The Cube Sloper is designed to safely carry a wheel-chair passenger in complete comfort. The small design means that parking is easy and the short ramp allows access without the need for a special pick-up area. Access and egress can be achieved within most normal sized parking spaces. Seat belts and a wheel-chair tie-down system is built into the vehicle from new from the Nissan / Autech factory. The wheel-chair passenger is seated as safely as other passengers with a factory seat-belt. All the safety systems in the Nissan Cube meet Australian Design Rules.

Nissan Cube Welcab / Sloper Access Measurements:

Floor to Ceiling rear access entry point is 128 cm (with slightly more head room once you have entered)

Ramp width is 70 cm across

Internal rear access width is 70 cm across

Interior is 125cm (without the rear seat) or approx 118cm with the rear seat still fitted but folded up

All Nissan Cube Autech Slopers from Sun Rise Cars come with an Australian Compliance Plate. Sun Rise Cars deliver Australia wide. Established 1966. For more information call Sun Rise Cars 02 9744 0539. After Hours call Phil Lee 0416 285 333