Rover Mini

This is the coolest car I have found in Japan that is all RAWS approved…! We can Aussie compliance plates to this amazing timewarp anomally in the motor-industry…!

Most retro cars are weak attempts to recapture past glories and memories and the result is usually a watered down pastiched / frustrated artists interpretation of soemthing great from the past. It’s trendy for a minute and then forgotten….

These Rover Mini’s from Japan are the real deal….They are actually the original sheet metal from the 1960s!!!! They are a rolling, working meuseum piece with a few modern touches… As such I believe these are also affordable, collectable and appreciating assets at the same time as being a hell of alot of un.

Every where you go – this car attracts a crowd and smiles, nods, winks and thumbs up. The Min is a genuine motoring icon – it’s got Aussie motor racing history – winning Bathurst for crying out load…. an when you see the prices of our Minis – suddenly XY GTs look very over-priced and our Rover Minis look like amazing value for money!

So you want to own a classic mini? Cool – great collectors car with alot of upside appreciation to come…. What? I hear you say you want to drive it on regular basis? Daily driver?….Nightmare – what you need is one of our imported from Japan Rover Minis – they come with icey cold air-conditioing, airbag and ever-so-reliable Bosche fuel injection that starts first turn of the key every time!

You want a classic Mini? Great idea – but I hear you say you are not a fixer-upperer? The old girls are full of cancer – (rust buckets most of them) and then there are those terrible carbies – wonderful when they are tuned to perfection – but nightmare the rest of the time. Cold starts not happening? Fouled plugs? Missing on cylinder three? All these ailments will soon be familiar to you… The cure?

Get a Japanese Mini from the nineties. They have every inch of 1960s appeal becasue they look almost exactly the same (same original sheet metal was boxed up from the UK and sent to Japan for assembly). No rust…! No mechanical gremlins…! No renovation nightmares….!

We have available the whole range from little automatics to the Mini Mayfair, the BSCC (British Sports Car Club Limited Edition with leather and pumped out over-fenders) to the very rare 40th Anniversary Edition