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This is the incredible Fuga Hybrid :uxury sedan - it's realy a flagship model that would be badged an Infiniti in AUS! With a 3.5 quad cam dual throttlebody V6 Skyline heartbeat - It's a super sporty luxury sedan with a low cost hybrid heart fuel cost to run...

It's a very fast rear wheel drive - driver focused car - i.e. its a 4 door sports car with a huge amoint of luxury creature comforts thrown in.
Driving this car -it has two personalities - in easy driving around-town mode - its silent (the electric only mode kicks in!) - and then when you floor it - the snarling 3.5 V6 Skyline VQ motor kicks in and puts a smile on your face!

Go to our internet site at SUnRIseCars to see a detailed video of this car.

Corona Friendly SunRise Cars is doing online selling and sensible on-premises sales deals to keep us all safe.
- GM Philip Lee is available for video calling on Whatsapp or Facetime to do video calls 0416 285 333 .
- All our cars have High Definition Youtube videos on our website with lots more details and more information than you can see in
just online photos.
- We do "Home Deliveries" for any of our vehicles (you don't have to leave the house to get a car from us!)
- We do "Interstate Door to Door deliveries for any of our cars. (It costs very little to provide this service - call us to get a quote).
- You are welcome to visit our premises and test drive our cars (we have strict social distancing policies in place and we wear masks
and have hand sanitiser on every desk).
- We sanitise all our car's steering wheels, door handles and gear knobs after each use.
- MTA inspections are still in operation if you want a detailed pre-purchase inspection carried out.
- All our "Import a Car from Japan" services are still in full operation with no restrictions. For this way of buying a car - it's business as usual.

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • black
  • Automatc
  • sedan
  • 86,539 kms
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