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02 97440539
  • Purple Maroon
  • 4D WAGON
  • 59,000 kms
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Mint and original JDM iconic S15 - this is the one collectors vakue the most: Its a genuine low km Grade 4 Spec R GT Aero Edition -
This comes with the factory Nissan GT Aero body kit - the desirable front GT Aero front splitter bar, GT Aero skirts and GT Aero rear bar.
It is incredibly rare to have this GT Aero option list, low kms AND a factory fitted SunRoof (common on Aussie Spec Rs but super rare on JDM Spec Rs) - and she's black....

This one is a special S15, she's going to continue to go up in value and she's a magnificant fun car to drive and own (she feels tight and right and fast - no slop or rattles or tired feeling in this machine) - these cars will never be produced again as we are at the dawn of the electric era of transportation (some say it's exciting - other tha it's boring...) Either way its a good time to buy a piece of JDM motoring history - this is the right car - its a non accident, rust free, cigarette smoke free non modified gem.

Go to EdwardLees online to see a detailed video of this car. We deliver Australia wide.
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Established 1971

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02 97440539
  • Black
  • Manual
  • coupe
  • 121,185 kms
Video Available
Jap Spec R GT Aero
Rare Type B interior
Genuine car
Dereg papers to verify kms
Non accident car
Rust free car
Non Smokers car
This is the rarest and most desirable body kit from factory- it’s not the FRP clone or reproduction body kit...
Collector grade car

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02 97440539
  • 2D COUPE
  • 102,785 kms
Video Available
Deposit Taken from Mark Jensen
- BUT WAIT ! Call us to find another special ELgrand like this one in Japan

Limited Edition Highway Star Urban Selection in gorgeous Midnight Purple with special order European Deep Burgundy Leather interior. This is a unique special order car in stunning condition inside and out...
This Elgrand has every option...
- Dual Sunroofs
- 360 degree sky view parking camera
- Electric side doors
- Electric Curtains
- Just 53,734 kms with full history and verified odo reading
- non accident car
- non smokers car
- Yiu will be the first Aussie owner
This is the last of the E51 Elgrands (Series 3) and is a built 2008 sold 2009 model
We think the E51 is a better car than the E52 because:
- It’s bigger (more room inside)
- more headroom
- rear wheel drive (not front wheel drive - so better and safer handling)
- Bigger rear row of seats (better for adults or bigger kids in the back)
- more versatile rear seat configuration
Go to SunRiseCars online to see a five minute video of this car.
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Established 1971

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • Midnight Purple
  • Automatic
  • Wagon
  • 53,734 kms
Video Available
Immaculate Figaro
Genuine low kms
No RUst
No repairs
Clean and original collectors car that is so much fun to drive
Call Edward Lees 0297440539
We deliver Australia wide
Established 1971

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02 97440539
  • 104,392 kms
Video Available
Low Km 3.0 litre Turbo Diesel Dual wheel small Nissan Atlas truck rated for 2.0 tonnes. Priced right and in excellent condition - these Atlas trucks and excellent value for money and super reliable.
This one is an automatic and is neat and tidy inside and out. Genune 129,000 kms only with Japanese history papers to verify the low kms.
This is a fresh import and you will be the first Aussie owner - it comes with 3 Months NSW rego.
Seats thre up front and comes with hill start assist (no need for the handbrake hill-start when carrying loads)
Icey cold a/c.
3.1m X 1.6m drop sides. Not too big so you can park her in a normal car space. Not too high - she fits in shopping centres and underground parking too.
Go to SunRIsecars online to see a detailed video of this Atlas Truck.
We deliver Australia wide - call us for an interstate delivery quote - it costs alot less than you think
Call SunRIse Cars / Edward Lees Imports 02 97440539

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02 97440539
  • White
  • 129,383 kms
Video Available
Collectors car is amazing original clean untouched condition - She's totally stock as can be.
Mint example travelled a documented 53,000 kms
Supporting history includes:
- Auction sheet
- Deregistration document
- Orignal Nissan log books with full Nissan Service History
- Non accident car
- Non rust car
- Genuine low kms
- Correct original OEM alloy wheels
- Correct and OEM top mount intercooler
- Original interior trim in immaculate condition
- Un-cracked clean dash board
- Icey cold air conditioning
- Correct original front and rear bumper bars
This GTiR will suit a collector or true enthusiast.
Watch her continue to rise in value....
This is a clean and unmodified GTiR that drives beautifully.
The dash is original, clean and uncracked.
Go to SunRiseCars online site to see a detailed video of this car as she sits in Japan before shipping to Aus...
Call Sunrise Cars 0297440539
We deliver Australia wide
Established 1971

History of these cars:
Its creators gave it a turbocharged engine and Nissan’s ATTESA all-wheel drive system to fight off Ford Sierra Cosworths and Lancia Delta Integrales, its 2.0-litre SR20DET engine shared with the Silvia and 180SX, but rotated 90 degrees to drive all four wheels.

Not to be confused with the R32 Skyline GT-R’s ATTESA E-TS oily bits that electronically controlled a multi-plate centre clutch, the GTi-R split grunt front to rear through a viscous centre limited-slip diff. But it was effective.

Its Garrett turbocharger helped it produce 162kW and 280Nm, channelled through a five-speed manual gearbox that allowed the GTi-R to hit 232km/h in top gear. Japanese outlet Best Motoring ran a stock 0-400m in 13.55 seconds.
All this was, of course, crammed into a matchbox-sized body (its wheelbase was only 2430mm) that sat on strut front and parallel four-link rear suspension. It seemed like a great rally recipe, but limited success prompted Nissan to pull the plug on its World Rally Championship campaign after just two seasons. Boo.

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02 97440539
  • Black
  • manual
  • Hatch
  • 53,524 kms
Video Available
Mint Condition Figaro
Genuine low kms
Its all about the condition with these beautiful little collectors cars - and this is one of the best we've found in Japan - it is very original, unrestored and immaculate inside and out.
Rust free. Non smokers car.
Classic super ight power steering, icy cold air conditioning and soft suspension make this a super comfy daily cruiser and the turbo engine means it’s a quick enough little car to take off at the lights with impressive swiftness and cruise all day at 110 on the highway.
Fun to drive and very usable as a daily driver - the most fun you can have and definatley this Figaro will beat almost anyhing in "Smiles-per-Hour" as you drive.
Important things to note:
- She's rust free
- Non smokers car
- Includes special option eyelid chrome headlights (most missed out on theis special order feature)
- Includes cupholder (another option when new - that many do not have)
- Includes netting style pacel shelf in front of the passenger (another feature that was an option that many don't come with)
- Includes a Figaro parking guide pole up front (yes- you guessed - an option !)
- Leather seats are in superb condition - the leather is still soft and supple)
- Service stickers are literally plastered all over this car and are up to date and includ a timing belt sticker (done at 96,000 kms
- Includes Japanese Deregtistration Document which shows the odometer readings at previous rego checks in Japan (This is an important document for authenticity, provenance and verification of genuine low kms.
- Convertible roof top is in pristine condition (no rips, tears or sun shrinkage ).
These Figaros are super reliable and can be daily driven - they are an easy pleasure to drive - the modern Japanese mechanicals are a cleaver underpinning for the beautiful classic 1950s Italian styling. The Modern Nissan turbo engine will sit comfortably at highway speeds and accelerates brisquely off the lights! Cold starts are a no fuss first turn of the key unlike many classic cars (there are no headaches to live with this classic car !)

Go to SunRiseCars online to dee a detailed video of this car
Call SunRIse Cars 02 97440539
We deliver Australia wide. - Give us a call for an interstate delivery quote - it costs less than you think
Est 1971

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02 97440539
  • Lapis Grey
  • automatic
  • coupe
  • 115,825 kms
Video Available
Mint original Type X 180X turbo.
Genuine low kms fresh from Japan with dereg papers to verify Odo reading.
Interior is mint, exterior is clean and original.
This one is fun to drive and goes beautifully - its fast and responsive and drives like a low km car should.
This is a genuine Type X, the last of the S13 SR20 turbos and the most limited in production - a true collectors car that can be enjoyed daily or stored like a fine wine.
Call us for an interstate delivery quote to your doorstep (it costs less than you think)
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Est 1971

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • White
  • Manual
  • Coupe
  • 135,000 kms
Video Available
Superb and Immaculate..... is an accurate description of this original and un-messed around with 180SX Type X.
It's got a few low-key and tasteful mods that are period correct and dont ruin the car. In fact - it goes like a scalded cat!- It's fast! ANd it'done right - it pulls hard from low revs with almost no lag.
Its sits nice on the road and drives beautifully... No rattles or squeaks. Icey cold Air Conditioning works very well.
The body is original and clean. It's very hard to find a paint blemmish anywhere on this Type X. ALl the panel gaps are spot on. No repairs or accidents. This is a non accident car. No rust. It's a non smokers car. We believe it must have been garaged for most of its life. The rubbers are clean and supple still. The dash is perfect and un-cracked.
- Immaculate Type X seats
- Type X rear wing
- Type X tail lights
- Period correct JDM alloy wheels that suit the car
- Spotless engine bay with a few tasetful mods
- Cusco strut braces front and rear
- Apexi pod filter
- Upgrades exhaust
- Upgraded turbo and intercooler piping (its boosted and nice!)
Go to SunRIse Cars online to see a detailed video of this superb Type X
Call SunRIse Cars 02 97440539
We deliver Australia wide.
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Established 1971

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • White 2
  • Manual
  • Coupe
  • 152,676 kms
Video Available
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