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Black Betty is Big and Bad and Beautiful
This is a professionally lifted Delica Spacegear with all the best Japanese Off-Road performance upgrade parts fitted.
She is very special because shes has only travelled 57, 000 kms.
- Stairway to heaven (Terzo rear ladder)
- Roof Racks
- Fender flares
- Brand New Offroad wheels and tyres just fitted (Zero kms)
- Lift Kit
- Suspension upgrades (anti sway bars to corner right)
- Leather and suede Chamonix top of the range interior)
This is a rare opportunity to own a collectors Delica Spacegear at an affordable price
Call Edward Lees / SunRIse Cars 02 97440539
We deliver Australia wide

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • black
  • 4D WAGON
  • 57,086 kms
Video Available
Sold to paul Wilson
But wait call us to import a similar car from japan This is a beautiful 8 seater Voxy / Noah 2.0 litre awesome family car that can turn into a camper. (The back seats can fold into a bed)
These Voxy / Noah’s have more space I side than a Tarago - especially for taller people - it has more head room.
Being. Asked on a 2.0 litre Corolla engine - its super reliable and has better fuel economy than a Tarago or Estima
This Noah is immaculate inside and out and has only travelled a genuine 95,000 kms. It comes with Japanese history papers to verify genuine low Milage.
Go to SunriaeCars online to see a detailed video of this amazing car.
We deliver Australia wide - call us for an interstate transport quote - it costs Leas than you think .
Call Sunrise cars / Edward Lees. 0297440539

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • Grey
  • 95,390 kms
Video Available
Deposit From Anthony George

Blade Master G is available and beautiful…

Blade Master G with factory option TRD body kit - Leather interior - this is a "little weapon" - a total sleeper - it comes packing a 3.5 litre V6 beast under the bonnet - so this is very fast and fun to drive.
This is a rare Premium Edition” with full leather interior in immaculate condition.
This one has only traveled 96,000 kms with dereg papers from Japan to verify genuine low kms. You will be the first Aussie owner as this is a hand picked fresh import.
What you get with a Top Spec Blade Master G :
- TRD skirts
- Driving lights
- Full leather interior
- Heated front seats
- Electric front seats (both sides)
- Rear Blade RUbber Floor mat
- Leather steering wheel (You get a flat bottom racey steering wheel on the later Series II like this one)
- Blue toth steering wheel controls
- Roof mount Air purifyer (keeps your lungs clean and safe in all driving conditions)
- Premium floor mats
- Weather shields
- Integrated Premium sound with steering wheel volume controls and extra speakers
- Parking sonar
- Reverse camera
This Blade Master G Comes with log books and history.
Go to SunRiseCars onlibe to see a detailed video of this incredible "Pock Rocket"!
Suprise your friends and foes when you smoke AMGs off the lights in your innocent looking Corolla!

Here's an additional blurb we stole off the internet to wet your apetite:
The Blade Master is one of the rarest and best kept secrets within the JDM scene from the late 2000’s. Built on the E150 Corolla platform and sold within Japan only, this was marketed as a luxurious ‘upmarket’ model. Created as a “spiritual successor” and love letter to Toyota’s AE86 Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno, the Blade Master is the only hatchback to ever come out of Japan with a V6. Equipped with the legendary, ultra-reliable 2GR-FE 3.5L V6 engine and mated to a 6 Speed Sports Auto with Paddle Shifters… this 1470kg hot-hatch offers incredible performance with 0-100 Km in around 5 seconds! Put simply, the Blade Master is *noticeably quicker* than a stock Aristo, Chaser, Crown Athlete, Mark II, Soarer, Supra or 180SX, 200SX, 300ZX, Silvia, Skyline or Stagea… just to name a few popular JDM turbo legends. With an aggressive, unique front and rear end, sports suspension, larger wheels and brakes, side skirts, rear spoiler, smart keyless entry, push button start, automatic Xenon HID headlights, auto fold-in mirrors, all auto power windows, premium stereo and Leather upholstery… Toyota spared no expense to create the ultimate “daily driver come high performance sleeper”...

We agree with this artilce - This is a very fast and very funcar in a sophisticated package - it's all factory Toyota - so it's done right...

We've also recently come to find out that this is a very rare car in Japan - if you own one it will be going up in value as supplies are very limited in Japan and Australia

Call SunRIse Cars 0 297440539
We deliver Australia wide
Call us for an interstate delivery quote - it costs alot less than you think.
Establishd 1971

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • silver
  • automatic
  • hatch
  • 96,458 kms
Video Available
Superb condition low milage Hijet Kei Truck Automatic 2WD - This is a very fun machine to drive - it light and easy - especially being an automatic with power steering and air conditiong - its very zippy to drive and easyto park.
This one has travelled just 16,229 kms
Tray dimensions :
- 206 long
- 143 wide
- 30 deep

Go to SunRIseCars to see a detailed video of this car.
We deliver Australia wide.
Call SunRIse Cars / Edward Lees Imports
Established 1971

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • white
  • Automatic
  • ute
  • 16,229 kms
Video Available
Deposit taken from Scott Ryan
Call us for a similar Delica - heaps more are arriving soon Immaculate BigFoot
Lift kit
OffRoad wheels and Tyre package
Extended fender flares for the off-road wheels
Travelled just 86,000 kms
No. Rusty
Non smokers car
Accident free
She really is immaculate
High roof model is ideal for a camper conversion

Call Edward Lees / Sunrise Cars

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • White
  • 4D WAGON
  • 86,076 kms
Video Available
Immaculate Figaro
Genuine low kms
No RUst
No repairs
Clean and original collectors car that is so much fun to drive
Call Edward Lees 0297440539
We deliver Australia wide
Established 1971

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • Lapis Grey
  • 104,392 kms
Video Available
Immaculate 1JZ Toyota Mark II IR-V turbo with rare and desirable TRD factory option full body kit and JDM rims
This machine has just arrived from Japan and is a very fast car that has been tastefully tuned and set up with appropriate brand name parts - suspension, exhaust, intake - she sounds incredible and handles like a serious performance car- this is a fun machine that is about to have a price uplift with the US market about to be eligible to import these Mark IIs (is watch the prices spike in the next 6 months )
Call sunrise cars / Edward Lees Imports 0297440539

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • White
  • Automatic
  • Sedan
  • 122,424 kms
Video Available
Rare IR-V Blit Mark II 1JZ Turbo Wagon - This is a gorgeous sleeper - It's very fast and stealthy and fun to drive...
Immaculate, sexy and very fast (surfboards go in the back - or have a snooze back there!) This really is a sleeper - no one knows what it is until she's blown past down the road !
Same platform as the Crown Turbo wagon but a bit more sporty in design and handling -
Rare with the TRD rear wing and side skirts - in black she's stunning from every angle...
Timing Belt Done
Genuine low kms with deregistration papers.
Non smokers car
Non accident car
Appreciating and rare offering from Toyota - this is the right way to own a fast car that you can drive every day
Call SunRIse Cars 02 97440539
We deliver Australia wide - call us for a door to door delivery quote - it costs less than you think
Go to Edward Lees online to see a detailed 5 minute video of this car

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • black
  • Automatic
  • wagon
  • 135,000 kms
Video Available
BEST in AUS....
Immaculate and original Chamonix 2006 Last Year of Production Delica Spacegear
This is one of the last Delica Spacegears ever made and she's a top of the range model with a genuine 85,000 kms only - so she will suit a fussy customer...
She comes with All Terrain off Road rubber and a handy set of Roof Racks.
Shes comes with Japanese Deristration documents to verify the low kms is genuine.
She's a rust free, accident free non smokers car.
Rare Gunmetal Grey colour.
Comes with a brand new spare key...
Original log books inside
Original safety Flare is iin place under the dash
Leather seats are like new inside.
Scratch free
Dent free
(Lovely hand picked car!)
Rear seats turn into a big bed ! (Or there is a single bed position in the rear and rear seats swivel to make a party bus)
(Crack free dash)
This is considered by many as the last great Off-Road van - as she comes with a proper dual range 4WD system (Its a Super Select 4WD System from a Pajero) which has been proven to be an outstanding off-road performer.
Service stickers all over her and up to date
Original floor mats inside and in excellent condition.
Sturdy Roof Racks
Rear protection bar.
BF Goodrich All terrain tyres and a modest (legal) lift gives this Chamonix excellent off-road capability...
Go to EdwardLees online to see a detailed video of this car.
Call Edward Lees 0297440539
Established 1971
Go to Edward Lees online to see a detailed 5 minute video tour of this car.
Call us for an interstate transport quote to your doorstep (it costs less than you think)

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • GREY
  • VAN
  • 85,074 kms
Video Available
Immaculate D5 Chamonix
excellent condition inside and out.
- electric side slide doors both sides (one touch opens these doors like magic)
- Multi view park assist cameras (front, side and rear)
What makes a Chamonix special?
- Electric drivers seat
- Seat warmers
- Chamonix rubber backed factory floor mats
This one is the 8 seater version - perfect for 8 adults - but also great because the setas fold down flat to make a comy bed in the back...
What else makes this one special?
- Non smokers car
- Non accident car
- Rust free car
- Log books and extensive Japanese service history with current service stickers in place and up to date
- Brand new tyres (zero kms) just fitted
Call SunRIse Cars / Edward Lees Imports 02 97440539
We deliver Australia wide (call us for an interstate delivery quote - it costs less than you think)
Go to SunRIse Cars online to see a detailed video of this car. (Very good lookin chap makin the video too...!)
Established 1971

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • black
  • automatic
  • wagon
  • 127,721 kms
Video Available
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