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Best R33 GT-R V-Spec in Australia in this style of high performance GT-R.
This is not a boring Meuseum Piece GT-R with 206 Kw...This is not an Aussie modded car -
This is the best of the best clean low milage mint condition V-Spec GT-R enhanced by the masters in Japan: "Global Auto Japan" - the most acclaimed tuning shop in Tokyo -

Using only the best brand name Japanese performance parts available this is a machine built to be streetable, comfortable, appear unmodified to the untrained eye - yet now packs 660 PS at the wheels. She idles and pulls cleanly from 1100 RPM, has minimal lag and blows icey cold A/C -
The original interior is like new and clean and original. The whole car presents like an original mint GT-R V-Spec - until you have a close look under the hood.....!

When she hits 6,000 RPM - she goes nuts....! It's Clark Kent turning into "The Hulk!"....
Upon close inspection this GT-R is pristine and immaculate in every way. It's a non accident, rust free example that has always been gargaged and looked after to the highest standard.
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Parts List :
1997 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec 660ps White
No Accident car

Engine Modification
* HKS2.8L Step Kit
* 87πNickel Plating Piston
* Light weight Full Counter Crank
* H style Conrod
* NISMO Metal Set (Balance/Head Clean/Burning room & Port abrasion
* HKS Metal Head Gasket
* HKS Slide Ally
* HKS Timing belt
* HKS 264 Exhaust Cam Shaft
* HKS Valve spring
* HKS V-Cam Step Pro
* HKS Oil Pump
* N1 Water Pump
* NISMO Oil Pan Baffle plate
* Split Fire Direct Ignition Coil
* Aluminum Oil Catch Tank

Turbine Modification
* TRUST T78-29D 14cm
* TRUST Type-C Racing Westgate
* TRUST Stainless Exhaust Manifold
* TRUST Front Pipe
* SARD Sports Catalyzer
* 90πOrder made Stainless Type Muffler

Fuel Modification
* TRUST Fuel Delivery Pipe
* SARD 680cc Injector
* NISMO Fuel Regulator
* NISMO Fuel Pump
Controller & CPU Modification
* HKS F-Con V Pro Ver3.3 Settings
* HKS V-Cam Controller
* HKS EVC3 Boost Controller

Cooling Modification
* TRUST Aluminum Pully Kit
* TRUST Aluminum Radiator
* NISMO ACR 3 Layer Intercooler
* NISMO Intercooler Air Spoiler
* TRUST Intercooler Piping Kit
* NISMO Sports Oil Cooler Kit
* NISMO Front Bumper Finisher (With Air Guide )

Suspension & Driving Modification
* TEIN Type-C Suspension
* ATS Carbon Twin Clutch

Exterior Modification
* NISMO Side Skirt Kit (With Door under Panel)
* NISMO Rear Bumper
* NISMO Rear Spoiler Set (Carbon/2 Layer Wing)
* NISMO Carbon Style Rear Wing Flap Cover
* N1 Front Bumper Duct
* N1 Bonnet Hood Top Mole
* NISMO Front Clear Blinker
* NISMO Side Turn Smoke Lens
* RAYS Volk Racing LE37T 9.5J-18Inch Offset 12

Interior Modification
* Genuine Option Airbag Steering
* R33 Genuine Option Carbon Style Shift Knob
* R33 Genuine Option Carbon Style Side Knob
* R33 Genuine Option Carbon Style Console Box
* NISMO Glovebox Gage Panel
* NISMO 80π Booster Gage
* NISMO Oil Gage
* NISMO Exhaust Gage
* Kenwood Speaker
* Kenwood MDV-323 Navi/TV

Call SunRIse Cars for details:
02 97440539
  • white
  • 2D COUPE
  • 86,100 kms
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